We help you for all your cyberscurity concerns.

Emmera is a cybersecurity consulting company, with 25+ years of experience. Based in Rixensart (Walloon Brabant) we work in Brussels, Wallonia and Flanders.

Cybersecurity is really our DNA ! We developed a range of  security services in order to meet the new demand for combating the modern threats enterprises face today.  Here is an overview of some services we provide in cybersecurity (cyber security).  Check for more details and don’t hesitate to contact Us.

We can help you in those areas : consulting, Ciso As a Service, GDPR readiness, privacy, audit, confidentiality, security awareness, intelligence (Economic and Personal), OSINT, third party or supplier security assessment, Pre employment screening (Aka PES or integrity checking), physical security, cctv, camera, etc…

Looking for a Ciso as a Service (ciso-as-a-service) ? Check it here !

Our cyber security services..

Security Risk Management

Confidentiality  On Demand

Privacy – GDPR readiness

Security Awareness

Supplier security assessment

Pre-Employment Screening (PES)

We have a pragmatic approach, with high quality standards. Our methodology is risk based, and we deliver made to measure consulting, for your business.

Emmera cybersecurity :To keep your business yours.

With a high level of expertise, and being vendor agnostics, we can offer you top graded security consulting.  Sometimes a small change can make a big difference in your security posture or risk appetite.

Cybersecurity – Privacy – Audit- Integrity check

Don’t hesitate to contact Us for any request or information

Looking for a ciso as a service (CISO-as-a-service) ? Check it here !

Some quick help ?  Emmera’s CEO and Founder, Maxime Rapaille,  participated in the creation of the Belgian CyberSecurity Coalition Security guide for enterprises.  You can get it here for free !